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Our Business

Our Business

The Toyo Ink Group is a globally useful specialty chemical manufacturer both in Japan and worldwide that develops, produces, and markets the best products and services for each region. Toyo SC Trading Co., Ltd. will support the activities of the Group from a global network business perspective, thereby serving as an engine for the evolution and growth of the Group.

Import/export business between Group companies

We import and export to our Group companies and agencies a variety of graphic art products and specialty chemical products made in manufacturing bases in Japan and worldwide. For example, we provide printing ink manufactured in our China Group company plant to our marketing companies in Europe and North America. We are also expanding and promoting its import/export business in new areas of operation where the Toyo Ink Group has not entered.

Raw materials procurement business

Toyo Ink Group products use raw materials procured from a variety of areas, including China and Asia. We procure raw materials and subsidiary materials and supply them to group manufacturing bases worldwide, in accordance with our global SCM approach. When procuring raw materials, which includes information gathering, we attach the greatest importance to the stable supply of high-quality products and to CSR.

Mediation and marketing business for non-Group products and indirect materials

In order to develop business in a way that accords with the ever-changing world economic situation, technological standards, and regional needs, we will not insist on Toyo Ink Group products but will source and provide our customers with products and commodities from suppliers outside the Group. Further, we aim to fuse the knowledge and know-how cultivated by the Group until now to create unique marketing activities and new business opportunities by searching for a variety of business alliances and forms of collaboration.

New business development and support business

In response to requests from within and outside the Group pertaining to the creation of new business, we provide total support from the preparatory stage to the launch and smooth running of the business. Specifically, we provide support and services for every aspect involved in the creation of a new business model, such as securing commercial land, preliminary investigations of legal restrictions and vested rights, procurement / distribution/ market surveys, brokerage with local agents, incorporation, construction of facilities, and supporting alliances and M&A.

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Update: Jun. 16, 2015