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TRINC Products

Introduction of TRINC Products

□It’s byword for the next-generation [static and foreign particles] control system.

□Toyo SC Trading handle TRINC product, please feel free to contact us.

«No-wind TRINC®»The ideal static-eliminating devices equipped with No-wind

[Conventional Ionizers]
• Conventional ionizers require a fan or compressed air for carrying ions to the target.
• By use of the air, dust in the working environment will be scattered and it may cause defective.


* TRINC has established a technology to spread the ion without the wind, and have a patent also.

Advantages of static electricity removal that does not use air

   1) Since compressors are not used, there were cases that electric bill can be reduced until JPY300,000 per ionizer in to year.
Power consumption may rise dramatically by using of air.

   2) From using the unique improved DC system, strong neutralization is performed by producing ions continuously in low power.
   3) Since the leakage by air never occurs, the life of the ionizer and the electrode is improved. (Please refer to following “Leak-Free Ionizing”)
Improved DC system can spread ions into space by using the Coulomb force

«Static-Free Space Ionizing®» Can Create a Space where Static is Removed

* A set of device can create maximum 3m (width) × 6m(length) × 3m (height) of Static-Free Space.

* By increasing the installation of sets, the Static-Free Space can be expanded infinitely.

* Since electrostatics harbored on the dusts in the space can be removed, TRINC greatly contributes to the improvement for yields and productivity by preventing contamination problem.

Stands type installed on the floor can neutralize the space.
Horizontally suspended type as a fluorescent lamp also creates the Static-Free Space.


«Leak-Free Ionizing»Has a Structure to Prevent a Leakage

Conventional ionizers are leak-prone devices. Leak-prone ionizers have structure where the high voltage and air are staying together.
Ion is not emitted from the leakage-ionizer in fact even if the power is consumed. There were cases that purchased ionizer never release ions within only a week because of leakage.

* Even when using a combination of air, TRINC adopted a structure without leakage as the physical separation of the air outlet and electrode.

* Therefore, the life of electrode and ionizer are respectively 12,000 hours and 50,000 hours.

Structure of conventional leak-prone Ionizer
Structure of Leak-Free TRINC


Easy Maintenance

During using of the ionizer, regular cleaning of the electrode is necessary because the dust and ammonium nitrate adhere to the needle.

*TRINC products can be cleaned by One-touch Cleaner. There are the automatically cleaning models also.

* Users will freed from tedious maintenance work of cleaning for needles one by one with a cotton swab or brush.

* By adopting the Leak-Free Structure, there is no occurrence of carbon on the needles and the maintenance becomes very easy.

So far Cases of Introduction Results

The most famous successful example is the adoption of the painting process in Toyota where defects due to adhesion of foreign matter were significantly reduced. Also Cannon and Hitachi are the major users in Japan. Please refer to the home page of TRINC's "positivism" where various examples of introduction are shown.

  • The home page of TRINC's "positivism"
  • Successful Implementation Casses by Toyo SC Trading

    1. 1) Fire accident prevention in the Kneader (Moriyama Factory of Toyocolor Co., Ltd.)
    2. 2) Reduce defects and workability improvement in precision silk screen printing (Toyo FPP Co., Ltd.)
    3. 3) Eradication of failure due to static electricity generated in the film unwinding / winding part of the coater (Kawagoe Factory of Toyochem Co., Ltd.
    4. 4) Static electricity removal in the laminating process (Aluminium K.K.)
    5. 5) Reduction of defects and workability improvement in the ink jet printer head production line (Precision machinery industry)
    6. 6) The foreign material failure that occurs 42% in a conventional clean booth of down flow type decreased to zero (Precision machinery industry)
    7. 7) Prevention of DNA contamination that occurred in pipetting in a clean bench (Certain bio labs)
    8. 8) Improvement of electric shock, color failure, and false recognition of sensor due to static electricity that occur in the injection molding machine pipe (Can Factory)
    9. 9) Improved dust removal effect due to static electricity removal in the air shower room of clean room (Precision machinery industry, etc.)
    10. 10) Reduction of defects in the paper aligning process in label printing (Printing companies)
    11. 11) Prevention of a paper jam by neutralizing the carrier unit of offset printing (Offset printing companies)
    12. 12) The factory that used 11 sets of gun spray switched to Gun TRINC and currently 4 sets is enough. (Certain company)
    13. 13) The separation problem between paper by static electricity in the autoloader of CTP has been solved (Printing companies)

    Claim Frequency and Cases in the Past

    基本的にTRINC products are basically maintenance and trouble-free.

    Purchased products will be replaced free of charge through the agency (13 months) within the warranty period, but major case of replaced example is damage during transportation. Be handling experience of almost two years by Toyo SC Trading, but trouble so far is zero.

    Performance Evaluation Method

    In TAS-271-SEM electrostatic potential tester, the amount of static electricity in the work in question is measured.

    The customers that ever introduced TRINC products, have mainly confirmed the effect of device introduction by quantifying the defects incidence, and etc.

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